Tennis – Skill, Technique And Long Hours Of Training

Tennis is one of the most popular sports around, both on an amateur levels as well as on the professional circuit level. It provides a great source of entertainment on television as millions of people tune in to watch players battle it out on the courts of the Grand Slam tournaments.

Whether it is a clay surface, a grass surface or indoor, the game is very fast paced and makes for great to and fro matches, especially when you pit a serve and volley player against an all rounder.

Tennis is one of those sports where practice makes perfect and players have to start out at a very young age in training to ensure that their technique is as perfect as it can be before they start maturing into adults and working on their strength and endurance. A perfect example was Scottish sensation Andy Murray who started out as a spindly teenager who could not stand up to the rigors of a 5-set game to becoming a multi-time world champion.

When interviewed, many tennis players tell of the sometimes lonely path that their career and sports choice takes them, spending up to 100-hours a week training on the court and in the gym to try and ensure that their game is up to the best possible standard.

Many tennis coaches say that in order to turn a good player into a world champion, they need to be coached properly from a very young age, and although it is a gamble as to whether their physique will develop into that of a champion, there is also a lot of hard work and self discipline that is needed if that journey to the top is to be completed. Tennis is a duel, there is nowhere to hide on the court and the result depends purely on the individual’s performance. The rewards and big, but the sacrifices are even bigger.